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    Absorbine offers an extensive range of care products for horses, including veterinary products, fly control, hoof care and coat care. Absorbine is a high-quality brand, which has proven itself over the years. The brand was founded in 1892.


    Anna Scarpati - AsUp brand, part of the Animo Group, is an Italian company born from the passion for horses. Originally it offered mainly a full collection of horse, stable and rider accessories all Made in Italy. After its acquisition in the Animo Group it developed a lot and presently it offers also a selection of special seasonal clothing for riders and a very useful and easy stock basic collection service always available both for adult and pony.
    The attention to detail, selection of materials together with the great value of Animo know-how are the points distinguishing this brand. Its catalog is designed to explain how the entire collection is structured in a simple way, as well as to allow to order all products easily.


    The company Back on Track manufactures joint and muscle protection, which are manufactured from a "ceramic textile" which is sold under the registered brand name Back on Track.

    The textile is made up of fibres of polyester and polypropylene (some of the products are mixed with cotton fibres) with a ceramic powder fused into the fibres. The ceramic gives the fabric its unique property, which reflects body heat in the form of infrared heat radiation.

    The production takes place in our own factories in China and each time a new batch of ceramic textile is manufactured an independent university laboratory measures the level of reflected heat and it's wavelength. In this way we can ensure consistency in quality and efficiency.

    The head office is based in Uppsala, Sweden. There are subsidiaries in Germany, England, Finland, Canada, France. Sales are made through retailers all over Sweden and in Norway, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Spain, Iceland, Hungary, Malta, Slovakia, Slovenia, Iran, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand. New dealers are added all the time, in Sweden and around the world.


    In 1894 South Shields, where John Barbour opened his first store, was a burgeoning port full of fishermen, mariners, sailors and dockers, who all wore protective clothing against the worst of the North Sea weather

  • BR

    In 1988, we introduced our own exclusive brand “BR” (Bieman Riding). By now, BR has developed into a recognized brand that is synonymous with quality within the equestrian world.

    Riding safely requires good equipment for both horse and rider. BR aspires to make a qualitative contribution to riding now and in the future.

    BR is one of the most innovative top brands in the equestrian world. Focusing on making stylish products of good quality at an affordable price, BR offers stylish designs with attention to detail, material, fit and functionality, always guided by trends and market developments.

    During the development of new products BR uses high-quality, technical materials and modern production methods. BR is always on the lookout for new trends in equestrian sports. In addition, BR uses the knowledge and experience of top riders, like Jos Lansink, who has cooperated with BR for many years. The products are tested by our own employees as well, because many of them actively take part in equestrian sports.

    Twice a year - in spring and autumn - BR presents new seasonal clothing and horsewear collections. The functional and fashionable clothing matches beautifully with the BR horsewear collection. BR offers basic items as well. These timeless basic items are available throughout the year. BR has extensive product ranges for recreational riders as well as competitive riders, breeders and, of course, professionals. The assortment is constantly in a state of flux due to the market developments.


    Our company has just created the first embedded camera, dedicated to equestrian sports, Made in France and fully customizable (because printed in 3D).
    This is a brand new concept of embedded camera with benefits, among others, to provide maximum security and discretion as it is fixed under the visor of the bomb.
    His name: Cambox ISI
    This is a camera that is intended for practitioners of all equestrian sports: CSO, walks with friends, polo, cross, hikes, carriage, horse-ball ...


    Founded in 1765, Carr & Day & Martin is the world’s oldest company involved in the manufacture of horse care products. The products can be divided into four categories: leather, coat, hoof and health. The company pays close attention to the quality, the ease of use and the luxurious appearance of its products.


    Cavalleria Toscana is one of the worlds most exclusive luxury equestrian brands. Loved by riders in all disciplines - it has firmly established itself as a class leader.


    Chetak offers a wide range of leather equipment for riding at an exceptional price / quality ratio. Find our bridles, halters and lanyards, flaps and all our products. Many riders plebiscite the mark Chetak.


    Guided by a constant quest for improvement and quality, the Compositi brand continues to develop its ranges of riding accessories while staying true to its approach: innovation and design at the service of both rider and horse. All Compositi products are designed, developed and made in Belgium using the toughest polymers produced by Dupont®. The technical implementation and the meticulous work of our engineers aim to ensure Compositi customers high-performance equipment that offers real value for money.


    Daslo is a brand of riding apparel and equipment for the rider and the horse.
    Daslo was created by Tattini to meet the requirements of riders whose purchases of equipment for riding remain on a limited budget. All Daslo products are excellent value for money and are part of the equipment of many horse riding enthusiasts. The range of Daslo products contains many cheap products that are a delight for riders who ride regularly and participate in horse riding competitions.

  • DYON

    Welcome to the world of Dy'on, built of passion and quest for perfection. 
    The Dy'on trademark is a guaranteed label of satisfaction. 
    Creating, crafting, primary materiels and customer service are the first four rules of a long love story between you and your horse. 
    Dy'on is a constant renewal of the horse's development within its discipline, the rider within his or her art, and the increasing innovation of the product.


    Equi Comfort, exclusive French, designs clothes and other equipment for the comfort of the rider with an unbeatable value for money.


    The ESC laboratory, a specialist in equine well-being and performance for 40 years, has acquired a unique experience in the design, production and marketing of horse care products.

     The diversity of our catalog builds gradually allowed us to control the manufacture of a large number of products (ointments, gels, ointments, lotions, mixtures of plants ...) mostly elaborated and packaged on site in the Cher. 95% of the ingredients used in our compositions come from France.

     We want to focus on the natural benefits of plants and marine components in the development of our recipes and have a sharp knowledge of all plants beneficial to the equine organism. Today, we use more than 100 different species in cut form in specific mixtures, microfine extract in vitamin-supplemented preparations or essential oil in gels and ointments.

     Highly sensitive to innovation, we are constantly looking for new ingredients and use for example keratin in our ointments, marine collagen, fruit acids, or yeasts in some of our food supplements.


    We wanted to be loud. Young, dynamic and colorful, but at the same time functional and we wanted best quality. We wanted to combine our passion for the equestrian sports with fresh fashion, with the love for details and with special quality. And the result was: Esperado! Of course the start was incredibly exciting: Was our idea too loud, too colorful, too shrill?

    After more than a decade it is with joy, surprise and also pride, that we are looking back to this time. Esperado belongs to the leaders in manufacturing of equestrian fashion and has its clients spread all over the world, from France to Finland, from Austria to America, from Spain over Switzerland to Japan. Our clients include horse lovers, amateurs, ambitious hobby-riders as well as advanced performance riders and professionals. And we all have one special thing in common: The passion and love to horses.

    And we promise: We will keep on developing new ideas with this passion and we will keep on working with best materials, best workmanship and smart design, to always be able to establish sharp Esperado trends on the marked. And of course we want to be loud in the future.


    For over 70 years, the FARNAM brand has been a leader in the USA market for care products and complementary feeds for horses. FARNAM offers well-known products such as RED CELL and TRI TEC, which have already proved satisfactory to many horses, owners, breeders, and trainers. FARNAM supports its equine sector thanks to its partnerships with organisations and associations such as American Shetland, Miniatures Horse, Show Pony Club/Registry, the National Animal Supplement Council and the National Reining Horse Association. For 20 years, POMMIER NUTRITION has been the European distributor for the FARNAM brand.



    • Tradition and 30 years experience in the horse riding footwear.
    • All boots are 100% HAND MADE IN ITALY.
    • Wide range of sizes considered standard (18 different fits for each shoe size).
    • TOP LINE models with high quality calfskin upper and lining, BASIC LINE models with calfskin upper.
    • Soles stitched and glued.
    • 3 types of soles available: CLASSIC, SPORT, AIR.
    • Elastic panel for better comfort and perfect fit.
    • Zip protection and spur rest (TOP LINE models).
    • Models with or without elastic panel or with elastic panel type "leather elastic".
    • TOP LINE models available in black or brown, with or without front laces.

    Welcome in Flags&Cup universe, your sportswear brand ...

    The links that contect you to horse riding are singulars, your sport is unique ...
    Our clothes are like you : different for the best part !
    The same requirements and the same passion join those who designed them and those who wear them.
    Flags&Cup is a line created and designed in France, by riders, for worldwide riders.
    To us, there is no choice between style and comfort : you benefit from everything, to perform your best in your sport, and even beyond !
    Elegance and resistance : Flags&Cup look is chic and keep up.

    At the forefront of trend and technology, Flags&Cup clothes are the contemporary of your ambitions, equally at home on saddle or city streets.
    Discover here all our brand new collections and our baseline, which already made of Flags&Cup the favourite brand of riders, since its creation in 2010.

    Flags&Cup: born to be different!

    A brand of Privilège Equitation
  • GPA

    Drawing on its know-how and expertise acquired in the car racing world, GPA was the first European manufacturer to put approved riding helmets on the market, even before the standard was made mandatory Europe-wide.

    GPA, your guarantee of satisfaction and reliability

    Initially concentrating on show jumping, GPA then widened its range to cover all the riding sports: eventing, endurance, polo, driving and gallop races.

    Initially focussed on highly technical disciplines and activities, GPA then turned its attention to providing top level technological advances in the field of horse riding.

    A precursor in this field, GPA has demonstrated its serious commitment by using high-performance materials combining safety and comfort:

    • Carbon, used mainly in aeronautics for its qualities of resistance and lightness
    • Textalium, used in automotive construction
    • Aluminium, used for bicycles because of its lightness
    • Lorica, for its water resistance and its aesthetic attractiveness
    • Titanium, stainless steel, etc…

    These materials have enabled us to revise the design of helmets while keeping their safety and comfort features.

    GPA relies on a network of professional riders, each of whom tests the new products and advises the GPA technical teams on how to optimise them.

  • HDCP

    The only treats that are 100% natural & QS certified !

    All HDCP treats are made without added bone meal or ashes.

    They are low in fat and high in fiber.

    No salt or added sugar,  Seize the opportunity to reward your horse with a treat that is both healthy and tasty.

    None of the component used during our manufacturing process are listed on the European settlement execution n°230/2013 of the European comission related to the withdraw of some additives for animals feeding.

    None of the component used are enlisted as forbidden products by rules of racing and the list provided for national and international competitions.

  • HEXA

    Specialists of the Rider’s Equipment, Hexa innovate each day to answer the most challenging demands of professional and amateur riders.

    Born of the field research and of a near collaboration with experimented and involved riders, the Hexa products offer to the riders a perfect synthesis between functionality, technicity, ease of use and design.

    We invite you to discover here our collection of 2017 and notably our brand new range of Elite bags and equipment, last born of the Hexa innovation.

  • HFI

    Horse Fitform International is a company specialized in the equestrian field. Established for 20 years in the world of horse riding, it enjoys an international reputation due to the prestigious brands it distributes. The distribution structure is based on a strong and long-term relationship with its partners, namely the professional resellers and its suppliers. In order to guarantee an effective partnership, Horse Fitform International relies on an efficient organization, a motivated and qualified team, with a staff of around ten, as well as a great experience in the equestrian field.

     Aware of the logistical constraints of today, Horse Fitform International has chosen to base its 3000m² operational center at the center of a major crossroads of various highways. This geographical location allows Horse Fitform International to deliver its customers all over Europe in record time.

     Thanks to its experience, infrastructure and brand portfolio Horse Fitform International is positioned as a key partner in the field of equestrian sports.


    This company is the first in the world in 1998 to develop and sell on the market an airbag initially intended for motorcyclists, population largely exposed to bodily injury. The technology is then quickly adapted to the service of an equitation range, which is also subject to a major accidentology.

    The original and still valid patent is on the characteristic morphology of Hit Air products including a unique cervical airbag for the protection it provides.

    In 2005, Hit Air won in France the innovation trophy at the JPMS (Professional Days of Motorcycles and Scooters).

    Faced with such a deployment, Hit Air France is the ad hoc structure created for the occasion and then becomes the exclusive distributor of the Hit Air brand for the French market.

    Developed for horse riding, Hit-Air airbag vests have been designed to optimize the weight / protection ratio. Its deployment system has been simplified to the extreme, Velcro velcro strips.

    A sober, clean and discreet design thanks to its slim fit. The lightweight airbag vest is particularly appreciated by CSO riders. A very complete protection of the spine, from the cervical to the sacrum and coccyx.

  • HKM

    The company HKM can now look back on a long tradition in equestrian sports.

    The roots of our company are at in the origins of a purely private nature: our heart beats for equestrian sports and everything that belongs to riding equipment.

    Riding equipment for all ages from beginner to professional.

    Quality, quality materials and longevity are top priority.
    In addition, we believe that you do not have to spend a small fortune on equestrian equipment. To offer equestrian clothing cheap but still in good quality, that is the goal. With our equestrian equipment for children, the little ones will get their money's worth.

    HKM: strong team with a lot of experience.

    HKM now supplies 2,000 specialist shops all over the world and our equestrian products are stored in a warehouse with more than 13,000 m². We are proud to say that over 90% of incoming orders are sent out to the customer on the same day. This is ensured by our qualified team, which now consists of over 100 employees.
    Our experience benefits 100% of our customers: our products have been constantly improved and revised.

     Riding supplies at fair prices.

    What started out as a home-made production, quickly became a direct distributor of equestrian equipment in the 1980s. The goal for us at the time was to meet the growing interest in this wonderful hobby - and at affordable prices. Nevertheless, it was and still is our highest premise that quality should never suffer even at attractive prices. Our products for equestrian sport like


    Horsemaster is a French manufacturing brand developed by POMMIER NUTRITION.

    Products are formulated and mainly manufactured at our site at Châteauneuf en Thymerais, a guarantee of quality and reliability, from raw materials to finished products.

    HORSEMASTER offers a very full range of complementary feeds tailored to the needs of all horses, from leisure to equine athlete.


    Horseware started with a small team, in Dundalk, Ireland in 1985. After months of research and hand-stitching the prototype of the now iconic Rambo Original was born, setting the standard for modern rug design. Since then we have grown to become the world’s most trusted producer of horse rugs.

    Founded by Tom and Carol MacGuinness, their determination to produce a rug that didn’t leak, didn’t make the horse sweat and didn’t slip led to the creation of the first fully waterproof and breathable turnout that really worked.

    Today, our Rambo range is still made in the same town in Ireland under Tom’s watchful eye and with the same attention to detail and high quality material that we prided ourselves on in 1985. We are constantly striving to produce the best we can and have grown into a leading manufacturer of clothing for horses and riders. We never stop evolving; we’re always seeking out untrodden paths, pushing boundaries and finding new challenges.

    Horseware is proud to have over 172 people employed in Dundalk where we have our sales, R&D, marketing and financial headquarters, our factory and our European warehousing.

    With 47 staff employed in our Kinston office in North Carolina, and 514 people in our factories in China and Cambodia, we are truly a global company.


    Along the polo field is where it all began. Polo and its horses are the roots of HV POLO. This sport has worked its magical attraction for everyone who wants to enjoy the good life to its fullest. HV POLO is a fashionable lifestyle brand since 1985 with a rich equestrian history in clothing, accessories and horse riding equipment, successfully distributed in more than 15 countries.

    Our product DNA is equestrian sportswear with polo heritage. We translate the elite elegance of polo to a broader audience of horse riders with collections that are trendy, classy, sporty, colourful and detailed. This is a slice of accessible luxury, that is aspirational but grounded, high class but commercial. It is polo inspired sportswear for elegant equestrians at an affordable price.

    HV POLO creates stylish equestrian sportswear collections for horse and rider, on and off the field. All with a slice of accessible luxury that is aspirational but grounded. Dressing horses is as important to us as dressing riders, and we offer an extensive selection of horse fashion and accessories that mirror the polo heritage running through our brand. Our collections always have new & fresh objectives from color, silhouettes, fabrics, yarns, artwork, detailed embroidery & seasonal updates.


    Outstanding Sportswear and Horse gear for Awesome Equestrians.

    We are outspoken ‘cos we have something to say’. Imperial Riding is the fun and colorful horse-riding brand with attitude. We are cooler than ice. Horses are our lives. They are part of everything we do. They are more than a hobby, more than a passion, they are our obsession.


    Our horse gear always matches your look. Don’t be like the rest of them. Be different. Our collections are stylish, glamorous, chic, bright and super shiny. We were born to sparkle. Color is our secret weapon. It makes us stand out, because we wanna be outstanding. Sparkle in the saddle is a really essential part of our DNA.


    Wild Group works in the field of precision mechanics, a sector that requires maximum accuracy throughout all phases of production, from the selection of materials to the final quality check using machines with numerical control.

     Experience acquired in various fields, including the production of components for the aeronautical industry, has allowed the group to successfully launch new business paths that transform experience and passion into products dedicated to horse riding, karting and biking.

    Today Wild Group is present on the international market with the brands Jin Stirrup, Wild Kart and Dart Frog, specialized respectively in the production of equipment for horse-riding, competitive karting and bike components.

    Since 2001 stirrups made by Jin Stirrup have been a reference for many producers, being made principally out of high quality aluminium. Due to their ergonomic form they guarantee perfect grip and maximum stability. The colouring, customized in many different variations, is achieved through a process of anodic oxidation that guarantees a long lasting product.


    From the most classic equipment to the most detailed and refined, Jump'in allows you to equip your horse according to what suits him best.

    Anxious to always satisfy you, we work with the best technical materials to combine the comfort and technicality of the products.

  • JVH

    The strengths of JVH is the largest offer of bodyprotectors.

    In the future we will keep on specializing in those products taht give yu the possibility to offer high quality items.


    Equestrianism. A word referred to the art of horsemanship and the practice of the diverse branches within this sport. Nonetheless, it contains greatly more than the relationship between a man and his horse. From long before dusk till far past dawn, horses, riders, grooms and trainers are only a few of the many passionate beings involved in this demanding lifestyle. Without the individual motivation and strong team spirit that moves this industry, it would in fact never have reached the great success it has per today. Inspired by these eventful agendas, Kingsland endeavors to develop and adapt its collections to this unique lifestyle.

    Kingsland is a Norwegian brand, which since its creation in 1999, has grown to become one of the world's largest manufacturers of equestrian wear and horse gear. Kingsland has a reputation for its subtle blend of classic equestrian fashion and contemporary design.

    With Head Office in Sarpsborg, Norway, warehouse in Ikast, Denmark and offices in Wellington, FL, USA, Onsala, Sweden and in Hangshou, China, as well as agents and wholesalers all over the world, -Kingsland has become a renowned international company within the equestrian fashion.


    Komutekir is the essential French brand for riders, horses and horse riding for more than 25 years.

     It is a beautiful story of friendship between a textile engineer and the stylist of a great French couturier. Both riding enthusiasts put their talents to the service of the riders. They are the first in France to have brought riding clothes closer to fashion trends. Many of their bestsellers have come out of their workshop, such as the Samantha breeches.

     For riders, all models are drawn in France. The cuts are studied for the practice of riding and the comfort of the rider. The fabrics are selected for their strength, elasticity and ease of maintenance like the new microfiber breeches.

     For ponies and horses, a range of quality bridles has been developed.

    The brand chose to work Italian leather renowned for their flexibility; only full cowhide. The tanning is done ecologically without chemicals which gives it its soft and shiny appearance and ensures its longevity.


    Lami Cell is a wholesaler in equestrian equipment for horse and rider based in Belgium. We offer excellent price-quality products for recreational riders upto the top professionals!


    Likit specializes in making innovative toys and tasty treats for horses, which help to prevent stable boredom. The formulation for Likits was developed in conjunction with a top equine nutritionist and all products undergo stringent quality controls to guarantee that they reach you in first class condition.


    Wahl is an expert in the field of clippers. The company brings out various types under the brand Wahl and under the well-known brands Moser and Lister. The clippers are perfect for horse grooming and clipping and they particularly excel in ease of use.


    Metalab makes hardware for equestrian sports. Their expertise in hardware results in beautiful and solid products. High-tech research, which includes state-of-the-art laboratory testing and the most modern and advanced production techniques and equipment, assures top quality products.


    Aromatic Beverages Company specializes in the development and sale of food flavorings since 2013 partners with Aline Boyer, an equine physiotherapist, to create a range of natural products for your horses.

    We only use species of natural origin without addition of phytosanitary products of synthesis. Our products are manufactured and / or packaged in the south of France, more precisely in the industrial area of TRETS (13). Our herbal and horse comfort products marketed under the brand name Natur Equi Libre are dedicated to the well-being of the horse with 100% natural constituents.


    Since 2003, Paddock Sports manufactures products for the equestrian sector, tailor-made and customizable. Products for horses and equestrian sport, made in France and closer to the expectations of their riders.

    Over the years, the brand's range of activities has expanded to offer a high-end personalized embroidery service in many other sectors, including horse racing.


    Parlanti is recognized in the world for its expertise and rigor in the manufacture of riding boots. After having made only custom boots for riders, the Italian brand has developed a range in half measure with the same standards of work and quality of materials. Parlanti, with the same concern for perfection, markets riding boots and mini chaps.

    Years of performance and innovation have made the Parlanti brand a must-have riding boot brand. The design and quality of the leather are the key words of the Italian house.

    The experience of the best craftsmen is added to the highest quality materials used in the production process. All leathers go through a natural tanning process and are a result of a rigorous selection procedure in Italy.


    With the products of the Performance brand, riders will be able to equip themselves with fashionable riding clothes and choose a quality material adapted to their horse. Riding breeches for horse riders and blankets for horses are the flagship products of the Performance brand, you will also find quality footwear, boots, boots and mini-chaps. Clubs and equestrian centers are familiar with the Performance products that are a reference in the field of horse riding.


    The story of Prestige first began in the 70s, thanks to the Stocchetti-Rasia family's passion for the world of horse riding. At the time there was no saddle production tradition in Italy: German products were the most coveted and esteemed in Europe, made using consolidated materials and techniques.

    Right from the outset we aimed to create an innovative product to provide well-being for both horse and rider. Our innovative spirit immediately honed in on two important aspects: the tree and leather.

    Initially we developed a wooden tree with a metal reinforcement. We searched for a material capable of guaranteeing the same resistance and elasticity without losing its shape over time. After extensive research, we created the first synthetic fibre frame, using a balanced nylon and fibreglass composition.

    We also wanted to break free from tradition which dictated the use of English leather. This material of undisputed quality requires at least six months of use before adapting to the rider. Our search for a softer and more adaptable material which fulfilled all necessary technical requirements inspired us to select a beautiful Swiss leather.

    We created our first saddle in 1977.

    Recently we have become the first to offer colour personalisation for stitching and trimmings, which has proven to be a great success.

    Our innovative intuition has also inspired us to use parchment leather. Exclusive and artisan processing confers unique characteristics upon this special leather which is used to cover the rear part of the saddle, thus protecting the cantle from knocks and abrasions.

    Our knowledge and techniques have been enriched thanks to the contribution of professionals who have rewarded our forward-thinking choices by choosing our saddles. Our craftsmen passionately worked in accordance with ancient techniques, seamlessly combining them with a spirit of innovation which characterises the lifeblood coursing through the company.


    Since 1995, Privilège Equitation innovates for the greatest elegance and comfort of riders & horses.

     Its activity is based on three levels: Wholesaler, Importer and Concept designer.

     The human dimension of the company, an attentive listening of your expectations through our resellers (in France or abroad), and manufacturers close relationships (research, development, manufacturing processes, constant quality controls and improvements …) enable:  ReactivityInnovation and Advice.

     You will find here a large selection of items, which reflect the priority of Privilège Equitation for the elegance and comfort of riders & horses, through:

    - our brands  (Canter, Privilège Equitation, Flags&Cup, Eric Le Tixerant, Lexington)

    - and exclusive brands (Equicomfort, Chetak, NAF, Rapide, Equilibrium, Equerry, Kennedy Equi Products, Kris, Akene).


    Protanner is a French leather brand whose reputation is second to none.
    It allows you to equip your mount with quality products without neglecting your budget constraint. Match all your equipment with a wide range: halters, bridles, reins, saddles, stirrups, straps ...


    Elegance to your image or the reinterpretation of French luxury.
    For a quarter of a century, Rectiligne's designers have been designing models of boots and boots tailored to the latest trends and featuring the latest technologies providing comfort and foot support.

    An original style combined with the finest leathers will bring you a remarkable look on and off the competition grounds.

    We offer ultra-soft, smooth or grained leather mini chaps, all designed for intensive use.
    Fitted cups, high-quality, resistant leather for a perfect curvaceous effect in comfort. The rear closure has a YKK zipper, secured by a snap on the leather flap.


    Roeckl Sports is globally active, and yet remains a locally based, family-run mid-sized company. For six generations, Roeckl has stood for quality, perfection and innovation. We live up to our motto: "Being innovative by tradition. Preserving what is tried and tested. Improving what is good!" Through our wealth of experience and our undivided focus on gloves, Roeckl Sports today owns numerous patents, exclusive materials and processing methods, which have made us the market leader on the sports gloves market, both in terms of quality and quantity.

    Roeckl Sports takes great pride in its partnerships with the world elite in cycling, equestrian sports, biathlon and cross-country skiing. Roeckl is constantly developing new innovative products in close collaboration with top athletes and sports physicians.

    The Munich-based company is managed by the cousins Stefan and Christian Roeckl.

    Due to the rise in global demand, Roeckl now cooperates with about 60 importers around the globe. Their sports gloves are distributed to sport, cycling, outdoor and riding retailers, as well as to the specialist departments of major department stores worldwide.


    Elegance, style, individuality, technology and particular attention to all details: these are features of a totally Italian made product signed from Sarm Hippique.

    It’s only due to the great efforts of their founders that the company has become in just few years a premier brand in the international equestrian market.

    Sarm Hippique is renowned for their style and quality which has become their main and most important feature of their production, where it is a must to choose high quality raw materials, paying attention to all details to define a specialized and individual product of a very high level of quality, which is always the main target required from the company.

    Obviously a courageous choice, maybe from a “business” profile although not always the most profitable, but richly repaid each time our customers recognize the difference.


    Scapa represents the elegance of equestrian sports for the equipment of the rider and his horse, the brand is known for its associations of colors, mainly inspired by nature.


    A history of more than a century, a traditional know-how, a passion for finishing and expertise in leather have built SoubiraC in the crucible of high quality French.

    This footwear factory remains one of the jewels of creation and handcrafting.

    Widely positioned in the half-measure niche, SoubiraC has always offered products known for their elegance and comfort.


    Since more than 120 years the family-owned business Stübben has combined traditional craftsmanship and experience with innovations and superior functionality. Back in 1894 the success story of Stübben began in Krefeld, Germany. Today, managed by fourth and fifth generations of the Stübben family, our high quality equestrian products are being sold on all five continents and in more than 50 countries. Historical experience and expertise, continuous communication with international top athletes as well as the processing of high-quality raw materials within our product ranges, guarantees the unique combination of functionality and design desired by todays markets. In the past, present and future, the fair-minded collaboration with our suppliers and trading-partners build the most important foundation for a sustainable production.


    Tattini has a long tradition in the sector of articles for riding. Its story begins in 1860 in a craft upholstery of Spoleto, in Umbria, where the expert hands of the saddler produced saddles according to ancient techniques. In this workshop called '' Selleria Tattini '', Mr Tattini refined his art and techniques by passionately making leather goods, bridles and harnesses for riding. His son Enroco gave a managerial framework to the activity by enriching the range of articles for the horse and the rider with a particular attention for the clothing and the shoes, always under the sign of the incomparable Italian style of its collections, and also thanks to the stylistic collaboration of his wife Donatella.


    Tekna is an innovative saddle brand and riding accessory that uses high technology materials designed to maximize performance, durability and comfort while minimizing maintenance. The Tekna upholstery is based on centuries of equestrian tradition to offer riders of today and tomorrow a wide range of products with assertive elegance. Find the range of Tekna riding equipment at the best price: saddle, tendon and fetlock boots, girths....


    Umbria Equitazione is a young and dynamic company which in very few years established itself in the industry thank to the STAFF’s professionalism and the founders’ experience. The constant research and careful study of materials,  the company is allowed to import the most innovative and advanced goods in the international trade.  At  the same time affiliate workshops  produce handcrafted items of the equestrian tradition in Italy. The wide selection of always available items allows us to make deliveries within 24 or 48 hours  throughout  Italy and Europe.


    Ungula Naturalis is based in Hermelinghen, in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, which allows us to distribute its production throughout Europe.

    Born at the beginning of 2011 of the association of several people coming from the equestrian environment, our company has brought together diverse and complementary skills. Marc Naassens, our master blacksmith, had created after ten years of research an ointment for the feet of equines. Her products (a blond summer ointment, a winter brown ointment and a repairing frogs product) offered the peculiarity of penetrating very quickly into the hooves of equines thanks to an active principle of penetration born from her research. The whole of its range used essential oils, creating a 100% natural product.

    Based on its know-how, we have worked with different essential oil and plant companies to improve existing products while expanding our range. Our products have been tested in several private stables and have received the approval of many farriers, allowing our offer to meet the different needs of equines and their owners.

    With continuous work on our ointments, we continue to improve the quality and efficiency of our products. We take great care in our manufacturing processes to provide you with quality worthy of the cosmetics of the biggest names in luxury goods.

    To ensure our products an exceptional quality, we always choose the best products in each field among the most noble materials. Whether to feed, sanitize, soften, moisturize or strengthen; our ointments use the natural benefits of essential oils, beeswax and shea butter. We have deliberately discarded Norway tar, Acids, Laurel and Stabilizers in a joint effort of hygiene and efficiency.


    From the 90s, Veredus is known and appreciated by riders worldwide for its protection of sport horses:
    Meticulous attention to raw materials, employment of the most cutting-edge technologies and an obsessive attention to every small detail is the foundation of our success. Above all, though, there is the collaboration with the endorsements which are involved in the design and testing phase, thus guaranteeing total reliability of the product. The signature of Marcus Ehning on the Carbon Gel Vento and of Scott Brash on the Grand Slam line, are not simply signatures, they are true guarantees of the performance and quality of the product. In any case, every rider wants the best protection available on the market for his/her horse, one cannot settle for less.  This is why Veredus was able to win the trust of champions like Ehning, Brash, Guerdat and Adelinde Cornellisen.
     Veredus is presently the world leader in the top-of-the-line equestrian sporting equipment.
  • WAHL

    For over 60 years, innovation and quality have represented the pillars of success supporting Wahl GmbH, a company with a total staff of around 200 employees.

    Located in Germany's famous Black Forest, this dynamic enterprise specialises in hairstyling appliances and other beauty products such as hairdryers, hair straighteners and curling tongs.

    In addition to professional products for the hairdressing sector and animal clippers, the product range also encompasses appliances for private use.

    Products bearing our WAHL, MOSER and ermila brands are developed and manufactured in Unterkirnach, Mosonmagyaróvár (Hungary) and in our Headquarters Wahl Clipper Corporation, Sterling/IL (USA).

    Our MOSER and WAHL animal clippers are particularly durable and reliable, thanks to the stringent quality and precision demands we impose on ourselves!  Over 90 years of experience and our quality standards clearly speak in our favour!
    The core element of any animal clippers, the blade set, undergoes an optimally coordinated manufacturing process to ensure a consistently high cutting performance. This ensures that you, the customer, will profit from your product in the long term!
    The MOSER and WAHL animal ranges are rounded off with a variety of animal clippers and trimmers, a comprehensive range of blade sets and a variety of accessories to ensure that every type of clipping operation is made easier for you!


    ZALDI, a Spanish brand based in Salamanca, combines technology with tradition and offers its customers the professionalism, expertise and rigor of 4 generations of designer manufacturers and, above all, riders.

    ZALDI saddles have been exported around the world for more than 35 years.
    Zaldi works on stool evolution by combining the maintenance of the tradition of quality with the development of the most advanced technological innovations.

    Zaldi is in constant contact with high level riders during their training, competitions and exhibitions, to benefit from their experience and benefit their clients.
    Zaldi also manufactures and in the same spirit all the equipment for the horse and the rider of classic and Iberian riding.

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