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This company is the first in the world in 1998 to develop and sell on the market an airbag initially intended for motorcyclists, population largely exposed to bodily injury. The technology is then quickly adapted to the service of an equitation range, which is also subject to a major accidentology.

The original and still valid patent is on the characteristic morphology of Hit Air products including a unique cervical airbag for the protection it provides.

In 2005, Hit Air won in France the innovation trophy at the JPMS (Professional Days of Motorcycles and Scooters).

Faced with such a deployment, Hit Air France is the ad hoc structure created for the occasion and then becomes the exclusive distributor of the Hit Air brand for the French market.

Developed for horse riding, Hit-Air airbag vests have been designed to optimize the weight / protection ratio. Its deployment system has been simplified to the extreme, Velcro velcro strips.

A sober, clean and discreet design thanks to its slim fit. The lightweight airbag vest is particularly appreciated by CSO riders. A very complete protection of the spine, from the cervical to the sacrum and coccyx.

Air bag body protectors and accessories