Loyalty program

Loyalty program

For each of your orders on our site, you earn points.

10 euro including VAT spent = 1 loyalty point earned for each validated and delivered order.

1 point of loyalty can be converted to a 0.5 euros reduction. Eg for € 100 of purchase, € 5 will be credited. You can get a discount of 5 euros to 100 euros of purchases on the site.

Vouchers generated by the loyalty program can only be used on the website https://www.sellerie-materiel-equitation.com on next order online, and this for a minimum of 50 euros command (excluding postage).

How it work ? I want to use my points:

I must have already completed at least one order and it must be delivered for points.

In my account, I click "My loyalty points" and then "turn my points." The good is not necessarily usable on the same day, you can read its commissioning date and end date in "My vouchers obtained" under "Valid from" and "Valid until".
I copy the discount code and I paste it in my cart in the voucher and I agree.