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Please follow the proceedings below, so the person of your choice can enjoy this gift voucher

- 1 - Order and pay the gift voucher as any article

Remark : - You can order only one gift voucher at once, otherwise order a gift voucher with a superior worth
               - Only one person can enjoy the voucher


- 2 - In the email linked to your command, specify the email address of your addressee

- 3 - Once you received the confirmation of your command, you will reveive an email which let you download the gift voucher (you have 30 days for downloading it)

- 4 - Once you received your payment, you will receive an aknowledgement of receipt then an email with the discount code that you need to note on the gift voucher.

- 5 - Once you gave the gift voucher to your addressee, he/she could use this discount code on the entire catalogue, for a command with a cost of 50€ minimum for a duration of 3 months

For more information, please contact us to the 04 94 06 72 53


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