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Ungula Naturalis is based in Hermelinghen, in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, which allows us to distribute its production throughout Europe.

Born at the beginning of 2011 of the association of several people coming from the equestrian environment, our company has brought together diverse and complementary skills. Marc Naassens, our master blacksmith, had created after ten years of research an ointment for the feet of equines. Her products (a blond summer ointment, a winter brown ointment and a repairing frogs product) offered the peculiarity of penetrating very quickly into the hooves of equines thanks to an active principle of penetration born from her research. The whole of its range used essential oils, creating a 100% natural product.

Based on its know-how, we have worked with different essential oil and plant companies to improve existing products while expanding our range. Our products have been tested in several private stables and have received the approval of many farriers, allowing our offer to meet the different needs of equines and their owners.

With continuous work on our ointments, we continue to improve the quality and efficiency of our products. We take great care in our manufacturing processes to provide you with quality worthy of the cosmetics of the biggest names in luxury goods.

To ensure our products an exceptional quality, we always choose the best products in each field among the most noble materials. Whether to feed, sanitize, soften, moisturize or strengthen; our ointments use the natural benefits of essential oils, beeswax and shea butter. We have deliberately discarded Norway tar, Acids, Laurel and Stabilizers in a joint effort of hygiene and efficiency.

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