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Komutekir is the essential French brand for riders, horses and horse riding for more than 25 years.

 It is a beautiful story of friendship between a textile engineer and the stylist of a great French couturier. Both riding enthusiasts put their talents to the service of the riders. They are the first in France to have brought riding clothes closer to fashion trends. Many of their bestsellers have come out of their workshop, such as the Samantha breeches.

 For riders, all models are drawn in France. The cuts are studied for the practice of riding and the comfort of the rider. The fabrics are selected for their strength, elasticity and ease of maintenance like the new microfiber breeches.

 For ponies and horses, a range of quality bridles has been developed.

The brand chose to work Italian leather renowned for their flexibility; only full cowhide. The tanning is done ecologically without chemicals which gives it its soft and shiny appearance and ensures its longevity.

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