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The BULIZ is the jewel of your horse: it is developped in ten particular models to satisfy all of you and answer to the diversity of your tastes.

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Box of 10 round blue BULIZ.
The Buliz is a high range jewel made in France, made with products of very good quality and Swarovski crystals. Its rod made of stainless steel is not deformable and guarantees you its longevity.

Its use is very easy:
- Do tightened braids from the base of the mane;
- Wrap the braid in order to create a piece that you will fasten with an elastic;
- Make sure that the piece is well fixed and tightened;
- Then put the Buliz in the "bun", you should feel a small resistance that will confirm you the correct holding of the jewel; It's the marble situated to the extremity that guarantee the support.
- To remove the buliz, it's easy: pull it in order to remove the piece.


  • Reference BULIZ ROND NOIR
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