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The story of Prestige first began in the 70s, thanks to the Stocchetti-Rasia family's passion for the world of horse riding. At the time there was no saddle production tradition in Italy: German products were the most coveted and esteemed in Europe, made using consolidated materials and techniques.

Right from the outset we aimed to create an innovative product to provide well-being for both horse and rider. Our innovative spirit immediately honed in on two important aspects: the tree and leather.

Initially we developed a wooden tree with a metal reinforcement. We searched for a material capable of guaranteeing the same resistance and elasticity without losing its shape over time. After extensive research, we created the first synthetic fibre frame, using a balanced nylon and fibreglass composition.

We also wanted to break free from tradition which dictated the use of English leather. This material of undisputed quality requires at least six months of use before adapting to the rider. Our search for a softer and more adaptable material which fulfilled all necessary technical requirements inspired us to select a beautiful Swiss leather.

We created our first saddle in 1977.

Recently we have become the first to offer colour personalisation for stitching and trimmings, which has proven to be a great success.

Our innovative intuition has also inspired us to use parchment leather. Exclusive and artisan processing confers unique characteristics upon this special leather which is used to cover the rear part of the saddle, thus protecting the cantle from knocks and abrasions.

Our knowledge and techniques have been enriched thanks to the contribution of professionals who have rewarded our forward-thinking choices by choosing our saddles. Our craftsmen passionately worked in accordance with ancient techniques, seamlessly combining them with a spirit of innovation which characterises the lifeblood coursing through the company.

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