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The ESC laboratory, a specialist in equine well-being and performance for 40 years, has acquired a unique experience in the design, production and marketing of horse care products.

 The diversity of our catalog builds gradually allowed us to control the manufacture of a large number of products (ointments, gels, ointments, lotions, mixtures of plants ...) mostly elaborated and packaged on site in the Cher. 95% of the ingredients used in our compositions come from France.

 We want to focus on the natural benefits of plants and marine components in the development of our recipes and have a sharp knowledge of all plants beneficial to the equine organism. Today, we use more than 100 different species in cut form in specific mixtures, microfine extract in vitamin-supplemented preparations or essential oil in gels and ointments.

 Highly sensitive to innovation, we are constantly looking for new ingredients and use for example keratin in our ointments, marine collagen, fruit acids, or yeasts in some of our food supplements.

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