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Since 1995, Privilège Equitation innovates for the greatest elegance and comfort of riders & horses.

 Its activity is based on three levels: Wholesaler, Importer and Concept designer.

 The human dimension of the company, an attentive listening of your expectations through our resellers (in France or abroad), and manufacturers close relationships (research, development, manufacturing processes, constant quality controls and improvements …) enable:  ReactivityInnovation and Advice.

 You will find here a large selection of items, which reflect the priority of Privilège Equitation for the elegance and comfort of riders & horses, through:

- our brands  (Canter, Privilège Equitation, Flags&Cup, Eric Le Tixerant, Lexington)

- and exclusive brands (Equicomfort, Chetak, NAF, Rapide, Equilibrium, Equerry, Kennedy Equi Products, Kris, Akene).

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