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Wild Group works in the field of precision mechanics, a sector that requires maximum accuracy throughout all phases of production, from the selection of materials to the final quality check using machines with numerical control.

 Experience acquired in various fields, including the production of components for the aeronautical industry, has allowed the group to successfully launch new business paths that transform experience and passion into products dedicated to horse riding, karting and biking.

Today Wild Group is present on the international market with the brands Jin Stirrup, Wild Kart and Dart Frog, specialized respectively in the production of equipment for horse-riding, competitive karting and bike components.

Since 2001 stirrups made by Jin Stirrup have been a reference for many producers, being made principally out of high quality aluminium. Due to their ergonomic form they guarantee perfect grip and maximum stability. The colouring, customized in many different variations, is achieved through a process of anodic oxidation that guarantees a long lasting product.

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